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Krokmitën "Alpha-Beta" (2011)
Runtime: a single 46-Minute track

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Bumbi (Croatia) 2013/05/19
I really like those raw sounds and brutal vocals, it shows how music is one of the most flexible things in the world and metal is just so powerfull and that's why I love it so much. You guys did a great job, just keep doing it! Making music is obviously your thing!

necromincer (India) 2013/04/17
im happy i found something THIS BIG , very fucking happy. The first song got me jump outta my seat... This is some seriously good stuff man, nothing so authentic like this AMAZING!!!!!!!!

chopper (South Africa) 2013/03/20
Hey guys, your awesome!! Keep up the good work.....



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Death Metal News Montreal Canada

March 2nd 2014

Simlev released the following statement on their official website

Since January 2014, we are past the recording stage. We are currently sculpting instrument sounds to render Omicron-Omega the way we think is best. For this album, I will be taking up mixing duties.

I'm excited to approach the mixing board. Being rather inexperienced at this will prevent me from getting an overproduced result. It's fair to say that we're aiming to give Omicron-Omega a less polished sound compared to Alpha-Beta. It will be rawer and straight to the point. With help from Krokmitën's new drummer Lupiaan, we created an album that is more complex. Fast parts are faster, slow parts are slower and scary parts are creepier! It's more or less Alpha-Beta on steroids!

We know that our fans are growing impatient for this release. But when working on a DIY platform, things that should take a day can end up taking a week sometimes. Especially when you start experimenting, getting caught-up in fine tuning and whatnot...

Lately some necessary adjustments were made within the band. Those pushed back our tentative release date by a few months. We want to still have fun during that last stretch of the process and don't want to offer anything half-assed. We are into this for the long run, doing this for the right reason and we're giving all we've got. Rest assured that every day is for us, a step closer to a release date.

Concept-wise, our first album Alpha-Beta dealt with the human psyche and microscopic disarray. This time around, Omicron-Omega reflects chaos on planetary levels! The lyrics are not as cryptic as Alpha-Beta, but again delving into the roots of the human existence concept. They are much more aggressive and "in-your-face".

In short, production is going well at the moment, it's progressing at a steady pace. Even the album cover is close to completion. If you're waiting for this, rest assured, it will be worth your wait and yes, Omicron-Omega will be available for free!

KROKMITËN teaming up with Hype Energy Drinks
December 3rd 2013

With fusing energy and extreme music in mind, Krokmitën is happy to team up with Hype Energy Drinks! "We consume and enjoy their product on a regular basis, it provides the edge sometimes needed in the process of making heavy music..."

Here's to a strong and lasting relationship!

Visit for more information.

KROKMITËN: Shaping A New Monster
October 20th 2013

KROKMITËN's frontman Simlev released this update about the making of their second opus, 'Omicron-Omega'; "Hey Krokmitën fans! We're proud to announce the writing process for 'Omicron-Omega' is finished. That alone is such an important part of the process in the making of an album, and we're moving forward from here! It took an entire year, and now it's time to enter production and so forth..." - "We can safely say, after listening to the pre-production version hundreds of times, this 50-minute non-stop track is a monster! Fans will NOT be disappointed, trust us!" adds Lupiaan, Krokmitën's new drummer.


KROKMITËN: Lupiaan to replace original drummer Mathz
November 26th 2012

Simlev, KROKMITËN'S frontman issued the following statement: "We are pleased to welcome Lupiaan in the band. He's is a very talented drummer, his technical skills, passion and commitment to the band, as well as a high human affinity with us immediately gave him a place in the band. Lupiaan has already started working with us on our next album "Omicron-Omega" for over a month now. We are ready to continue creating music with a new enthusiasm and a newfound energy. We have no doubt, he's the best man to fill the space left by such an important member. We've known Lupiaan for over 20 years now. Since the 90's, he supported us at gigs, helped us carry our gear, with promotions and whatnot. Overall, he always had Krokmitën's blood pumping through his veins."