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Krokmitën Omicron-Omega Album Cover

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Release Date: July 2014
Runtime: a single 50-Minute track

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Krokmitën Alpha-Beta Album Cover

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Release Date: August 2011
Runtime: a single 46-Minute track

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Krokmitën is an experimental Death Metal band from Montréal.

       Krokmiten HETA Promo Picture

Krokmitën 2015 Line-up:

Simlev (Guitar + Vocals)
Guyot (Drums)

[pronounced croc-me-ten] Definition: Cajun phonetic spelling of the french word "croque-mitaine". A shapeless imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into behaving. Syn; Boogeyman, Bonhomme sept-heures, El coco, El ogro, Böögg, Monstret under sängen, Der schwarze Mann, Bicho Papão, Mörkö, Alploochra, Antchoutka, Bouloulou, Namahage...

In the early 90's, inspired by the peak of Thrash Metal and the early Death Metal scene, mainman Simlev and a couple of friends formed Krokmitën. They recorded two demos and played gigs in and around the Montreal area. Subsequently, each band member had to deal with their respective life obligations; a lenghty hiatus ensued.

With a fresh start in mind, Simlev rebuilt Krokmitën from the ground up, wrote and recorded 'Alpha-Beta' starting in 2005. The 46-minute track with animation synched to the music was then released in August 2011 with help from original drummer Mathz and newcomer guitarist Dubg. 'Alpha-Beta' created fans worldwide and was very well received by critics of the metal scene. Mathz parted ways with Krokmitën in late 2012 to pursue other projects, and Lupiaan, a long-time friend of the band, quickly became official drummer. While collaboration with Dubg came to an end, Simlev and Lupiaan slaved over production of the second official album that took over 20 months to create. A 50-minute non-stop piece called 'Omicron-Omega', saw the light of day in July 2014.

Simlev is now working on Krokmitën's third full lenght album titled 'HETA' with the help of drummer Guyot Begin-Benoit (ex Beyond Creation, Brought By Pain, Voidmask). The album should be released before the end 2016.
Stay tuned as things progress.


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Hikikomori (Japan) 2014/07/8
I listened to this, very fuckin awesome! i sharing it, great material! greetings from Osaka!

Bumbi (Croatia) 2013/05/19
I really like those raw sounds and brutal vocals, it shows how music is one of the most flexible things in the world and metal is just so powerfull and that's why I love it so much. You guys did a great job, just keep doing it! Making music is obviously your thing!

necromincer (India) 2013/04/17
im happy i found something THIS BIG , very fucking happy. The first song got me jump outta my seat... This is some seriously good stuff man, nothing so authentic like this AMAZING!!!!!!!!

chopper (South Africa) 2013/03/20
Hey guys, your awesome!! Keep up the good work.....

touz (Canada) 2013/03/11
Congratulation guy's! Your Toccata & Fugue reprise is simply amazing! At the same time, I want to wish you all the best for the future. Bonne continuation!

BandMissionary (United States) 2012/12/14
I was blown away....its been awhile since I found something new..Thats what I do is find metal bands and shove them in peoples faces...damn yall gave me hope that its still out there!!! Kudos!!! \m/

Nadia the Witch (Belgium) 2012/11/19
Great to found you , awesome work guys !

Jeroen (Netherlands) 2012/11/04
Awesome tracks! Very refreshing approach on the Death Metal genre. Keep up the good work!

Arturo AT (Mexico) 2012/10/31
At fist, i was a little afraid of your proyect, didn´t hear anything from you in the past, actually I knew your work from Twitter. I most say, that your vision on DEATH METAL is UNIQUE as fucking hell! I´m not talking about just the music, but the lyric concept, wich I consider quite intelligent and propositive. The fact that you share so freely your music with the fans, it´s somenthing that shall be followed by a lot of new and, why not, old bands. The world has changed a lot in the last years, and the way you spread your work it fits perfectly to the needs of a new generation of MetalHeads and establishes a real-time relacionship with the fans all over the world. Thank you so much for this!



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We are a self-produced band and offer our music in high-quality for free. Making quality music with a DIY approach can be costly, you can help us facilitate the process! All donations are directed towards buying gear, paying server fees and maybe buying beer! And remember, telling your friends about us is just as appreciated.

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Krokmiten HETA Album Cover

July 18th 2016

Montréal experimental death metal band KROKMITËN just officially unveiled the cover artwork for HETA on the band's official website, possibly hinting at a summer release. The final artwork is what Simlev, KROKMITËN's guitarist/vocalist captured as the album's concept.

HETA is mixed by Simlev, mastered by JF Dagenais (Kataklysm, Malevolent Creation, Misery Index) and will be available as a free download on the band’s official website and on its YouTube channel once released.

Frontman Simlev had this to reveal about this third offering: "HETA is a very primal and straight forward album. It will again consist of one non-stop single track clocking in at 36 minutes. The experimental aspect of Krokmitën is almost out of the equation this time around, but still features something ominous that you’ve probably never heard before. We're preparing something special for the release that I seriously think our fans will appreciate. A lot of water has flowed beneath the bridges here since Omicron-Omega and after all is said and done, I'm still working hard to release HETA this summer; since a DIY project like Krokmitën is an ever-learning experience, the process can become time-consuming, but there are no set-backs, everything is falling into place. As previously announced, Guyot has taken over drums duty on HETA: He's bursting with talent; fast, precise and creative. Some of you know him from Beyond Creation's first album, The Aura."

Watch GUYOT talk HETA and play parts of the upcoming album HETA.

"The premise for the album goes like this: In their quest to prove the existence of the elusive H particle and to know more about dark energy and dark matter, 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries gathered together to build the largest single machine our world has ever seen; a gargantuan particle collider powerful enough to create and disrupt stars on galactic levels. Little did they know that they were ripping apart the very basic structures of space and time, thus allowing an unknown insidious force to slither through and tap into the population’s most primal instincts, to violently unleash them and ultimately lead mankind to extinction!" adds Simlev.

Don't miss the upcoming HETA release date announcement, head to to keep in touch with everything KROKMITËN, free album downloads, videos and news.

Krokmiten frontman Simlev 2015

MAy 30th 2016

I've got something cool for you tonight! An interview with GUYOT, he talks drums and HETA at the Krokmitën Studio in Montréal, Canada on May 28th 2016.

Bonus: Watch GUYOT play parts of the upcoming new album HETA!

Visit YouTube to watch and listen! If you enjoy, please like and comment! We want to know what you think!

Our 3rd album HETA is on its way to your listening device, we're currently mixing it, I think it will be out this summer if nothing shitty happens!

To keep in touch with everything KROKMITËN, free album downloads, news and videos, head to

Krokmiten Omicron-Omega News Image

August 11th 2015

Montréal-based Death Metal band KROKMITËN are now entering into production for their third full-length album HETA! (Previously announced title DOMINION). The band’s Frontman Simlev released this update about their upcoming offering;

Krokmiten Omicron-Omega GAMIQ NOMINEES

September 30th 2015

Krokmitën "Omicron-Omega" has been nominated for a GAMIQ Award in the HEAVY ALBUM OF THE YEAR category. The winners will be announced during the 10th edition of the Gala de l'alternative musical indépendante du Québec (GAMIQ). The event is presented by SiriusXM and CISM FM and will take place at Bain Mathieu in Montréal on November 29th 2015.

Nominees for Quebec's Heavy Album of the Year:
Carotté — Punklore et Trashdition
Kraspoutine — Plus grand que Satan
Krokmitën — Omicron-Omega
Reanimator — Horns Up
Sandveiss — Scream Queen

Good luck to all nominees!

Krokmiten Omicron-Omega News Cover

January 1st 2015

Montréal-based Death Metal band KROKMITËN have just started working on their third full-length album. Frontman Simlev released this update about the next offering;

"Hello Metalheads! This last fall, we spent a good amount of time upgrading our gear in the studio and experimenting with it. Now, with 2014 behind and a cold and...

Krokmiten Omicron-Omega News Cover

July 10th 2014

Montréal-based Death Metal band KROKMITËN have officially released their second album OMICRON-OMEGA on July 10th 2014 at L'HÉMISPHÈRE GAUCHE in Montréal. True to their original platform, they have made OMICRON-OMEGA available for free in high quality audio files and can be downloaded right now at the band's headquarter,


March 1st 2015

Yannick Nantel and Sam Pauken asked if we have any plans to rerelease our old demos "Can't Get Away" and "Follow The Rain".

Simlev answers this question straight from Taichung City in Taiwan, on chinese new year's day!

We're building an interview series where YOU, the fan, ask questions! We'll choose the most interesting ones and answer them on our YouTube Channel.

More to come! Keep asking questions! Rate, comment and share!

August 3rd 2014

Rodrigo Viera asked us: "Is there anything in particular where you get most of the inspiration required to make the musical part and the lyrics?"

We've built a little video montage of things that still influence to this day.

We're building an interview series where YOU, the fan, ask questions! We'll choose the most interesting ones and answer them on our YouTube Channel.

More to come! Keep asking questions! Rate, comment and share!

Krokmiten Omicron-Omega News Cover

KROKMITËN: 'Omicron-Omega' Official Cover Artwork Revealed
May 19th 2014

Experimental death metal band KROKMITËN, is set to release their second album "Omicron-Omega" in July 2014 and just officially unveiled the cover artwork on the band's official website. The artwork was created by Simlev, KROKMITËN's guitarist/vocalist and captures the album's lyrical content.


June 1st 2014

Bruno Rios asked us on Facebook: "Any news about the new album?"

Watch Simlev and Lupiaan answer! This time around: Big reveals!

We're building an interview series where YOU, the fan, ask questions! We'll choose the most interesting ones and answer them on our YouTube Channel.

More to come! Keep asking questions! Rate, comment and share!

May 18th 2014

Sam Pauken from USA asked "What are you listening to these days?"

Watch Simlev and Lupiaan somewhat answering his question! Hilarity Ensues!

We're building an interview series where YOU, the fan, ask questions! We'll choose the most interesting ones and answer them on our YouTube Channel.

More to come! Keep asking questions! Rate, comment and share!

Krokmiten Studio Picture

March 2nd 2014

Simlev released the following statement on their official website

Since January 2014, we are past the recording stage. We are currently sculpting instrument sounds to render Omicron-Omega the way we think is best. For this album, I will be taking up mixing duties.

Krokmiten Hype News

KROKMITËN teaming up with Hype Energy Drinks
December 3rd 2013

With fusing energy and extreme music in mind, Krokmitën is happy to team up with Hype Energy Drinks! "We consume and enjoy their product on a regular basis, it provides the edge sometimes needed in the process of making heavy music..."

Here's to a strong and lasting relationship!

Visit for more information.

Krokmiten Studio Picture

KROKMITËN: Shaping A New Monster
October 20th 2013

KROKMITËN's frontman Simlev released this update about the making of their second opus, 'Omicron-Omega'; "Hey Krokmitën fans! We're proud to announce the writing process for 'Omicron-Omega' is finished. That alone is such an important part of the process in the making of an album, and we're moving forward from here! It took an entire year, and now it's time to enter production and so forth..." - "We can safely say, after listening to the pre-production version hundreds of times, this 50-minute non-stop track is a monster! Fans will NOT be disappointed, trust us!" adds Lupiaan, Krokmitën's new drummer.

Krokmiten Lupiaan Drummer Picture

KROKMITËN: Lupiaan to replace original drummer Mathz
November 26th 2012

Simlev, KROKMITËN'S frontman issued the following statement: "We are pleased to welcome Lupiaan in the band. He's is a very talented drummer, his technical skills, passion and commitment to the band, as well as a high human affinity with us immediately gave him a place in the band. Lupiaan has already started working with us on our next album "Omicron-Omega" for over a month now. We are ready to continue creating music with a new enthusiasm and a newfound energy. We have no doubt, he's the best man to fill the space left by such an important member. We've known Lupiaan for over 20 years now. Since the 90's, he supported us at gigs, helped us carry our gear, with promotions and whatnot. Overall, he always had Krokmitën's blood pumping through his veins."